Becoming a Good Real Estate Agent – 10 Tips

Ten Tips To Becoming the Best Real Estate Agent You Can Be:Find a MentorAs in most businesses, finding the right person to lead the way is crucial. A good mentor can mean the difference between success and failure. Find an agent you admire, or a successful broker. Offer yourself as an assistant and learn as much as you can.Network, Network, NetworkGet used to asking the questions “are you planning on moving?” and “do you know anyone who’s planning on moving?” Word of mouth is everything when it comes to finding clients, especially in the beginning. Family and friends should be supportive, and they will inevitably lead you to your first contacts.Find Interesting Ways to Promote YourselfIn addition to spreading the word amongst your inner circle, find other ways to promote yourself. You want people to remember you. Creative business cards, a play on your last name, or a clever ad are all ideas. The goal is to stick in people’s minds when they do decide to move.Don’t Forget About Social MediaRegardless of what type of business you’re in, social media is everything. Establish a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook. Actively update your profiles, but make sure to make them interesting. It’s also very important to include pictures and make your pages visually stimulating.Seek Additional EducationNever stop learning. Attend seminars, take extra courses, and seek out workshops. The real estate business is constantly changing, and you need to keep up.Cultivate Relationships with ClientsHelping people with the sale of a beloved home and the search for a new one can be emotional. Keep in touch with clients and foster good relationships. Not only will they use you for their next move, they will recommend you to friends.Become a Broker Being an agent is great, but becoming a broker and having that knowledge as well is even better. Understanding where your broker is coming from will allow you to improve your technique.Learn to Budget Your TimeAs a real estate agent, you are your own boss. Make sure you manage your time properly and keep to a schedule. Don’t overexert yourself, and make sure you give every client the time and attention they deserve.Know (And Understand) the LingoIf you play it right, you can become the token real estate agent among your family, group of friends, and their extended circle. This is great for business, but it also means frequently getting asked for advice. Be sure you are up-to-date on all the real estate happenings in your area. Also, learn how to quickly explain technical things like encumbrances, insurance, surveys, and inspections to laymen.Keep A Rainy Day FundAs an agent, your income is based on commission. This means (as the saying goes) some days you’re flush, and some days you’re bust. While it will likely be less drastic than a day-to-day change, having money tucked away is crucial. The market fluctuates, and in order to stay in business, you need to have something to fall back on.