Tanning Business – Tips On How To Start

If you want to open a tanning business, you will have to learn as much as you can about the tanning industry. Meet others who have also put up their own tanning salon and get their advice. They will be a better source of advice than a tanning bed dealer or supplier. Join associations related to the tanning industry and sign up for seminars and trade shows. You can also get a lot of info on the net.Let’s start with basic tips on how to get financing. If you are short in cash to open a tanning business, get help from your bank or a lending firm. before they can lend you money, you will need to show them a business plan that outlines how you will start it and how you can make it profitable. A business plan is also useful for you to stay focused on your goals.Once you begin searching for a location for your tanning business, check the building regulations, zoning laws, and federal regulations for new tanning salon owners. The rules for new tanning salon businesses may vary in each state. Go to your local Chamber of Commerce and get copies of requirements and regulations. Be aware of any restrictions that might limit your operations.Find out which tanning equipment and supplies you will need. These an be anything from tanning lotions, tanning beds, upright tanning booths, spray on tanning equipment, replacement parts like extra bulbs for your tanning beds, eye protection like goggles. You will also need to get other furniture like couches and seats, office tables, counters and shelves. A good tip is to get a complete list from a tanning association or beauty school.Always put safety ahead of profit. Get a list of tanning safety rules from the US FDA and educate clients how to tan safely depending on their skin type. Let customers sign a waiver to protect yourself of any lawsuits from injury in case your customer insists on tanning carelessly.Distribute fliers with info on how to tan safely and with the list of benefits of tanning. Print these along with advertisement about your new tanning business. Some people don’t tan indoors from fear that indoor tanning is not safe. Letting them know that it is if done in moderation may encourage them to go for the benefits.Buy insurance for your tanning business. No matter how careful you are with your service, accidents do happen whether they are your fault or not. As a tanning salon owner, you may be liable to pay damages. Inquire about commercial liability insurance with an insurance agency near you. You might also want to get an umbrella policy in case someone gets insured while in your salon.There’s still a lot to learn about the tanning industry such as where to get cheap supplies, tanning beds and how to market your tanning business. Proper marketing can get you many clients to help you earn more. Ask someone who knows the tanning industry in and out like a former salon owner. They can give you better advice than a tanning bed dealer or supplier who are just after more sales.